It's time to talk about the core of the adopets platform: Processing adoption applications. As one of the features organizations love the most, it is highly useful to have a great understanding of it.

In the process of developing this feature, we made sure to speak with hundreds of Animal Welfare Organizations to make sure we don't change your way of processing information, but rather improve it.

That's why processing an adoption application through adopets is mostly digital, while still giving you the flexibility to do it in your way.

Let's dive deep into it.

In the adopets platform, every adoption starts with an adoption application sent to you by the adopter. That could come organically through the adopets website/app traffic, or when share your Organization Page with your community and have people applying directly from there.

As they have to go through the adopets system so you can process it, it is highly recommended that you use your Organization Page at it's highest capacity, so make sure to read this article below:

Once an application has been filled out completely and sent to you, you will receive a notification by email. As soon as you access, you will have that application waiting for you under Adoptions, like in the example below.

Here, you have three sections - New, In Process, Approved

In all sections, your applications are listed by pet and have additional information like these that could be useful to you:


  • Pet ID: unique value assigned to pets
  • Pet: name of pet
  • Pending: number of applications waiting to be reviewed
  • Submitted: elapsed time; time since the pet has received its first application
  • Withdrawn: number of users retracted

As soon as you click on Start Process on any of those items, a confirmation window will pop-up to indicate ownership of the pet's application going forward. Once confirmed, it brings you to the Application details page to work on the actual review.

The adopter will also receive a notification of your action, and the status of the application will now be Under Review and will show under In Process section.

In process

  • Pet ID: unique value assigned to pets
  • Pet: name of pet
  • New applications: pending applications that are not yet reviewed
  • Under review: in review applications
  • Withdrawn: number of users retracted

If, by this point, you have already loved one potential adopter and want to move forward with that adoption, feel free to schedule your meet & greet if necessary (contact information is available under the Adopter tab). When you're ready to move forward, just Approve that application. That will again change the status of the application, now being set to Approved and application will show under the Approved section. The adopter will receive another notification, being prompted to pay the adoption fee. ,


  • Pet ID: unique value assigned to pets
  • Pet: name of pet
  • Adopter: name of the adopter
  • Best time to contact: adopter time preference to be contacted
  • Payment: payment processed
  • Staff: shelter staff responsible for the approved application.

In case you haven't linked your banking information yet and your pet isn't free, you won't be able to approve the adoption until you do so for security reasons.

Considering that done, as soon as the adopter pays the fee, you will receive an email notification confirming the transaction. That information will also be displayed inside that adopter's application to let you know the payment has been processed.

There, you will also confirm the adoption was successful when you're ready to finalize it. Then, this adoption data will be saved in the system and you'll be able to access it at any time in the future.

As adopets works as a shared workspace, we've also created an article to show how you and your team can benefit by processing applications together, and we'd love you to read it.

Sharing in-application notes with your team

With the Notes feature, you can share in-application thoughts and comments in between your team that adopters cannot see, killing the need to keep track of every communication between your staff in regards to an adoption process. 

Adopets takes care of it for you.

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