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Resend an Adopets user invite for a team member
Resend an Adopets user invite for a team member

Learn how to resend an Adopets user invite to recently added team members

Written by Lucas Alencar
Updated over a week ago

When an invite has been sent to a new Team Member fails, you can simply resend the invite to complete the registration process.

Depending on how long the shelter staff members click on the registration email, the link may expire for a longer time.

If this happens, an admin-level user can log into the Adopets Dashboard and resend the email invitation.

To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Users, and then look for the inactive member.

  2. Hover over the inactive user's "i" information icon

Note that these team members will have an Information icon before their email addresses.

3. Click on Send another invite and confirm.

4. After that, simply inform the user a new invitation email has been sent, and they should check their email immediately to activate their account.

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