New features


  • The iframe technology for listing pets was rebuilt
  • The online tracker has been improved for more accurate statistics
  • Faster load times
  • Responsive design

Smart Response

  • Smart Responses can be created for each location in your shelter. Now you can have different responses based on your locations or animals based in Foster care.

Optional breed displayability

  • Breed displayability is now optional under your animal public profiles. If you would hide the breed for your animals, contact Adopets’ support at and let us know of your request.


Organization Side

  • Report Session was refactored, now displaying any transactions that have been completed and better export functionality.
  • Properly display the Adopter Driver Licence/ID and Birthdate information
  • Adoption process - In the Approved Tab, we replaced “best contact time” by “date of approval”
  • An increased click area of the dots on all tables
  • Better support for the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Better support for the mobile experience
  • Time limit to close for alerts in the system

Adopter Side

  • Smart access link for logging back into the adopter account from an email.
  • Better support for the mobile
  • Better support and security improvements for retrieving Driver License information
  • [CORE] Sentry improvements for formatted address attributes;
  • [CORE] Pet search address self-restoring improvements

All systems:

  • [CORE] Change to use the polypill to fetch API - Offering better support for all browsers
  • [CORE] Change the way our frontend works with dates, migrate from JS Date Class to Moment JS
  • [CORE] Improvement global rules to redirect when the user is not logged
  • [CORE] Working better when the UUID in the URL is wrong, offering user redirects.
  • [CORE] Improved API treatment of invalid sessions in our API.
  • [CORE] Translation multilevel on search engine
  • [CORE] Register ServiceWorker to better works with cache when there is a system update


Organization Side:

  • A 404 page was displayed on certain occasions when transitioning from settings to the main page.
  • When creating pets in Adopets a problem could occur where fields would containing information from the last pet created.
  • A 404 page was displayed on certain occasions after creating a new user.
  • An Invitation expired error could occur when users were creating their account.
  • Print Kennel Card for all filtered animals
  • Range-based questions would not display the right answers on certain occasions.

Adopter Side:

  • A problem could occur when Adopter tried to clear filters on their search.
  • Display of Under review step on Adopters timeline.


  • Disconnecting an Adoption Counselour from the pet when deleting the pet or deleting applications.
  • Older versions of Microsoft EDGE will no longer be supported, for security reasons.
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