We are updating Adopets with the latest corrections and upgrades. What is new?

For Adopters:

  • Improvement in the Authorization token - better login experiences
  • Improvement in the usability of adopter's Active Applications list with new Call to Actions
  • Call to Action update from "Apply to Adopt" to "Adopt Me" - Emphasizing with more clarity the start of an adoption process.
  • Improvement in the user experience of the login flow
  • Improvements in the Application Details view - clearer call to action for adopters.
  • Improved Experience for Favoriting Animals
  • Improved Experience during the application process

For Organizations:

  • New - Contacts Menu: Search for all available contacts (people who have submitted applications) and go directly to a person's adoption request.
  • New - Export all Contacts
  • New - Smart Responses can be different by location
  • New - PetPoint Shelters can now assign pets to different Locations automatically
  • New - Shelter Manager can be used to import animals now.
  • Performance updates - the platform runs faster than ever.
  • Integration syncing updates - increasing reliability.
  • Integration Updates - When pets are adopted outside of Adopets, they are automatically deleted (unless they've been approved to adopters in Adopets).
  • Improvements in the checkout experience
  • Improvement of Search filters

We have updated several infrastructure pieces to increase the platform's speed, reliability, and quality of experiences.

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