Another week, another product update. It is time to look back on the recently released features and improvements based on your feedback. We are always welcoming new opinions and views on how we can make the best changes to fit your needs. Information on improvements for adopters, integration, and organizations will be shared and continue to be share in the future.



Shelters can now include forms requesting the adopter information about Emergency Contacts, Co-applications, and Personal References accordingly to the extra information they need upon the submission of the adoption questionnaire. This is to help streamline the process to make sure the applicants are the correct ones for the adoptions.


For better tracking of validation errors when users are filling in forms, wrong zip codes typed upon registration will be flagged. Application filing will be a smoother process for would-be pet owners. Time for approval will be decreased with fewer errors slowing down the process.



A new monitoring system has been implemented for checking the integrity of integration syncs. This will speed up the process of getting shelter systems quickly on Adopets.


Two software integrations have been updated to make in getting shelter profiles on to Adopets. Firstly, Shelter Buddy’s Age mapping has been created to allow for shelters to post the age of the animals when importing pets to Adopets. The new data mapping capabilities for Chameleon integration have been implemented. Once again, these improvements have been put in place to speed up and increase the easy to get shelters accounts on to Adopets.



Firstly, better titles and descriptions have been added under Smart Responses. Smart Responses can be found in the Settings tab. The forms for creating and editing Locations now have a better user experience. The content of different components’ like buttons, error validation messages, titles, and descriptions were updated for more clarity in using the shelter system.

Shelters can now give a 100% discount to an adoption fee upon approval of the adoption. This was added after requests from Adopets users.

UX Improvements

The pet visibility switch component is now removed automatically after a pet has been approved, as the pet is removed from the public listings by default in these scenarios. Decreasing the complexity of adopters to find the right pet for them.

To get in touch more easily with the Adopets team, the Intercom chat feature button for mobile devices was moved to the header of the page for better shelter experience.

Feedback will be received more fluidly.

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